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Burrows Cougar Collection

What takes roughly 6 days spread out over a 2 month period, three separate trips, 2,862 miles, roughly 477 gallons of diesel, one Penske 26 foot truck rental and a few select people (Michael Richards, Mitchell Jones and Bennie Wingate) that are just as crazy about cars as I am? The Burrows Cougar collection move. I wanted to give an update on the Cougar collection that many people saw listed on the Classic Cougar Community forum a few months ago.

Here’s how it all started. Like many people I saw the posting in the forum regarding these cars.

After a flurry of emails and phone calls a quick trip to Kentucky was in order and I was able to view the cars on Saturday, April 14th. The cars were spread between two buildings. The first building we went to had the following:

1969 Standard Convertible VIN 9F92H518399

1970 Eliminator Sunroof car VIN 0F91M537530

1970 Eliminator Boss 302 car VIN 0F91G508823

1969 Sports Special VIN 9F91H582270

1969 Standard Convertible VIN 9F92H510384

We carefully looked over the cars but also the parts that were in this building – one full loft and the area below as filled with engines, car parts etc. a LOT of stuff – a lot of HEAVY stuff. But where was that 69 G code Boss 302? We had another building to look at!

The second building door was opened and voila! I see the following:

1969 Standard Convertible VIN 9F92H557884

1969 Standard Convertible VIN 9F92H519754

1969 Standard Coupe VIN 9F91H589332

1969 Standard Coupe VIN TBA-parts car

Wait-none of these cars have a G in the VIN? Where’s the 69 Boss 302 car at? Well –sad story-apparently that car WAS in the building until a few weeks before when a decision was made to make room – it must have been a pitiful site- it had only a rolling unibody – missing everything!! So the decision was that no one would want this car and in order to move things around it would be best to get it out of there and (yes) SCRAP IT!! So off it went to a recycling center where it was indeed SCRAPPED!!

(I will post that VIN in a separate email)

I was heartbroken!! That took the wind right out of my sails! I returned to Georgia a bit disappointed but still knew that there was indeed one real BOSS 302 in the mix and a 70 Sunroof Eliminator along with a lot of potential.

There was a lot of “stuff” that went with the sale of the Cougars. I was drawn to this opportunity for several reasons-like others I have been searching for a 69 or 70 Boss 302 and the ability to secure the cars in this collection also required the purchase of the “whole lot”. The other thing I wanted to do was get closer to my hobby and passion – working around and being around these cars. Some personal decisions had recently been made that would free up a little more time for this so I plunged in and secured the deal. But wait, how was I going to get these cars down to Georgia- almost all with flat tires, some didn't roll that well and where would I be able to store the cars and parts? As fate has it, the two most critical issues of space and storage was solved by a good friend that has a little more space than I do. Remember that crazy Cougar guy Michael Richards– he made it possible!

This honestly was not a quick and easy decision. The distance and volume of items was a bit overwhelming. However the thing that kept bringing me back around was the fact that the ability to purchase a collection of this size is just simply something that does not happen very often. It might be the ONLY time an opportunity like this would come up. I’m big on the personal side of our passions so more on that later. So the deal was done.

As mentioned earlier all of the cars and parts are now in Georgia. So what’s next?

First is some serious organizing. The parts were all stored rather quickly in a 40 ft. metal container. The cars all have covers and are stored. I have made the decision to take one car at a time. We are going to simply get the car running so it can be moved around more easily, cleaned up with light detailing and then sell it. Many of the cars needed parts, engines etc…so it will be no easy task but the experience will be worth the effort. I have not made the decision on the two Eliminators – I am leaning towards keeping them but really no decision has been made and they will be DONE LAST. As I get organized I will be listing cars/parts for sell in this forum first, then several FB forums and last will be Ebay. At this point I am still doing some serious organization so I cannot really tell anyone what we got but I promise you will see updates in the FOR SALE section on this forum when we get started.

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